December 12, 2006

The victorians did some good

Many people really do think that the victorian times where in some ways better, and Martine Martin ask's why? I can think of several good things to have come out of that period, despite its problems. The industrial revolution brought more wealth to more people than ever before. The great scientists like Faraday and James Clerk Maxwell tamed the Electromagnetic force, while Charles Darwin published On The Origin of Spieces bringing the concept of evolution by natural select to the world. The abolition of the Corn Laws, sadly now back in place thanks to our membership of the EU, and a rolling back of protectionism so that by the end of her reign global free trade was in almost as an advanced state as it is today. Plus of course some very nice housing stock. But for me the single most appealling feature is that everything from Cannabis to Heroin and Cocaine was legally available at the local apocathary.

Bu I think the real reason that people look back with nostalgia comes down to two simple things. During Victorias reign britian was the most powerful country on the planet. And by the end of her reign there was significantly less crime than there is today.


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